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Funny Maid of Honor Speeches That'll Have Your Guests in Splits

Funny Maid of Honor Speeches
Maid of honor speeches have to be written with a lot of care and thought. People are always waiting for the speech by the maid of honor as they are the most entertaining speeches.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Maid of honor speeches are very difficult to pen. You need to think carefully and make them interesting with responsibility. You can write an emotional or funny speech; a funny speech will lighten up the atmosphere, one that is already charged up with an array of emotions.
There are many maid of honor speech ideas that you can come up with. You are the most special friend of the bride, as you are chosen to be her maid of honor. Thus, your speech has to be likable and memorable. You need to add emotion to the speech, yet make it funny and entertaining for the audience. Here's more on how to draft the speech, after which are listed a few ideas.
How to Write a Maid of Honor Speech?
You need to begin by introducing yourself to the ones who don't know you. Thank your friend for selecting you as her maid of honor. Talk about how long you have known the bride and groom, and the reason for expecting the invitation.
Speak about the importance of the institution of marriage and give your point of view on it. Begin with a short poem or a quote on weddings, love, or the future.
Focus on the couple in your next paragraph. Speak about how the couple met and say it with a dash of humor. Speak how their friendship turned serious and how opposites attract (if that is the case). Try to make the events as funny as you can without compromising on the actual intention.
Add a funny story related to the couple. This will add to the entertainment part of your speech. Make sure the speech is funny and doesn't cause any embarrassment to the bride or groom.
Add a hilarious anecdote that is related to the couples real life. Conclude your maid of honor wedding speech explaining how happy you are for them. Keep the speech short and simple.
Wish the couple a happy married life together and express your love and best wishes. End the speech on a happy note and a thank you.
You can raise a toast to the bride and groom on behalf of the bride, only if asked to do so by the bride herself.
Your focus should be the bride as the best man speech will focus on the groom.
Humorous Maid of Honor Speech Examples
"Never forget the two most important replies: 'you're right, dear' and 'okay, buy it'. Never be afraid that Maggie will leave you, she has spent years training you and she won't give that up lightly."
"It is said that before marriage a man will lay awake thinking about something you said, after marriage he'll fall asleep before you have finished saying it. I can see many nodding heads that proves some of you out there can relate to this statement."
"Maggie just glows when she talks about John. She obviously hasn't asked him to take out the garbage yet!"
"John, always remember the famous quote by Zsa Zsa Gabor - "A man in love is incomplete until he is married. Then he's finished."
"John and Maggie have set the ground rules for their marriage; he won't try to run her life and he won't attempt to run his own life either!"
"When Maggie first asked me to be her bridesmaid I felt delighted. As the big day approached, I was asked to give a speech and a toast. I fall into the shy and retiring category, so I obviously tried to think of ways to get out of it. But have you ever tried saying no to Maggie and succeed?"
Make a sincere effort and try to keep the speech genuine and heartfelt. You can always take help of someone you know who is good at humor. A simple play of words will help you make memorable and well-appreciated speech.
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