Maid of Honor Sister Speeches

Weddings are always joyous occasions, especially if your darling sister is the bride. As the Maid of Honor and the sister of the bride, it is very important to come up with a perfect toast for the D-day. This article will help you prepare an appropriate maid of honor sister speech that the guests will appreciate.
Wedessence Staff
Your sister is getting married and has bestowed you with the honor of becoming the Maid of Honor at her wedding. You are happy for your sister and excited about your role, but there is this little pang in your stomach that makes you all jittery about the speech you have to deliver at the toast. It is an art to write a speech that will be both heartfelt and funny. Before we give you the ideas for the same, let us know what it exactly is.
Maid of Honor Wedding Speech
the Maid of Honor speech is the one that follows that of the best man at the toast. It is given by the sister or best friend of the bride, and thus helps give a feminine touch to the wedding ceremony. Wedding is a formal occasion, but this speech in particular can be fun and informal. There are many funny maid of honor speech ideas that you can use while writing the words for your toast.
How to Write
When writing your Maid of Honor speech, the main elements to be considered are a sense of fun, family memories, and the best wishes conveyed by you to your newly-married sister and the groom. You also need to honor the bride and the groom in your speech. Show genuine emotions, but do not go overboard with your feelings.
Your toast should be such that the opening statement catches the attention of the guests immediately. You should first introduce yourself and your relationship to the bride. After making a congratulatory statement, you can start with a touching story or a funny incident that occurred in your lives.
As you move along further in your speech, add sentiments to it. These sentiments should revolve around the memories and experiences you shared with your sister. Add some quotations about life, wife, marriage, etc., to add to the theme of the speech. Speak about the bride and groom. You should say how lucky your sister is to have found such a wonderful husband. You can add some humor by commenting on the qualities of the groom that make him a good catch. Keep in mind that none of the comments should embarrass the newly-weds.
Compliment the bride and groom for the wonderful wedding planning and reception. Also compliment them on the way they look and say how radiant and happy the bride looks. You should compliment the groom by saying he looks very charming and handsome. You should end your Maid of Honor speech by wishing the bride and groom a happy life ahead as a married couple.
You can prepare speech beforehand and practice delivering it to an audience, as not everyone is born a speaker and you do not want your toast to be an embarrassment. You can also refer to some sample speeches that are available on many wedding-related websites. But one thing is for sure, that your Maid of Honor speech is one memory your sister will cherish her entire life.