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Cool Tips on How to Host a Successful 'Jack and Jill' Party

How to Host a Successful 'Jack and Jill' Party
A Jack and Jill party is all the rage these days and can get you both, a great party and an easy way to raise money for the wedding. Peruse through this Wedessence post to know all about what this party entails and how to go about arranging for the same.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Mar 14, 2018
Drink Up and Pay Up!
An easy way to raise money at these parties is to price the jello shots at a dollar each. This is a very popular and fast-moving drink and people don't mind spending on it.
What is better than two parties, with the bridal party and the groom party enjoying at separate places? One party with all the guests in one. Simple. And that is exactly what a 'Jack and Jill' party is all about. As far as wedding traditions go, a bridal shower and a bachelor party are hosted by the bridesmaid and the best man, respectively, to celebrate the upcoming marriage of the couple involved. However, newer traditions and contemporary twists have made way and the 'Jack and Jill' party is all the rage these days. More commonly referred to as a 'Stag and Doe' party, this party could either be thrown for the couple by the wedding party, or the couple could host it themselves. Also, there are several other, rather interesting, newfangled ideas that this theme upholds. In the following sections of this Wedessence article, we will not only explain what these ideas are, but also help you understand how to plan a Jack and Jill party (henceforth referred to as 'J&J party' through this article).
The Variations
Just a Good ol' Mixed Party
In the J&J variation of the party, a get-together is arranged either by the engaged couple themselves or by someone in the wedding party with the main intention of bringing all the guests together for one huge celebration. This is done in order to avoid separating out the bridal and the groom party into separate parties, where neither can participate in the other. A J&J party has no fixed agenda, and any theme can be adopted for the same... it's simply a gathering of the guests to have a relaxed and fun evening. Usually, if a Jack and Jill party is hosted, the bridal shower and the bachelor party are scrapped, and the gifts that the guests would have given at these parties are given at the J&J party instead.

When the Pockets are Tight
Another trend that is openly followed is when the J&J party is hosted by the bride and groom in order to raise some money for their upcoming wedding. There is usually an entry fee that is charged for the party (usually, a raffle is set up and half, or a sum of the money is used as the prize). Don't keep the sum very high or you will seem desperate to raise money. Other than an entry fee, several money games are also held and money is raised in this manner. In several instances, the bride and groom do not limit the guest list to people attending the wedding or reception, but include other acquaintances as well who may or may not be invited to the wedding and/or reception. This is a common practice in several states these days, so much so that a J&J party is considered a great way to help out the bride and groom with their wedding costs.
Jack and Jill Party Ideas
While a J&J party could just as easily take the course of any social gathering with friends or a birthday party that is hosted, the following are some ideas that are quite unique and put a liberally different spin on the otherwise typical J&J party.
Other than the details of the time, venue and place, it is important to mention other details that are specific to your party. For example, if it's a potluck you're hosting, then what can the guests bring to the party, whether it's a child-friendly party or a child-free event, whether alcohol will be served, whether the guests are expected to bring presents, and other important details that the guests will want to know. Here are a few samples that you can look into to design your invites.
Couple invitation for jack and jill party
Jack and jill party invitation
Heart invitation for jack and jill party
Cards invitation for jack and jill party
Themes to Take Up
Many couples prefer to use some of the common themes that run into barbecues, costume parties, era parties, garden parties, or a luncheon at a restaurant. While these work perfectly well, here are some other ideas that you can look into.
Themes collage for jack and jill party
Pool Party
Invite all your guests to a day at the pool. Hold water games, and have a buffet style lunch or dinner.

Treasure Hunt
Send your guests on a wild treasure hunt through the town and end the day with a huge bash in your backyard.

Carnival Night
A carnival night is a great way to combine games and earn a few bucks in the process.

Bar Party
Host your party at a bar and include a list of drinking games. This is one of the most popular themes that people take up because it not only allows them to have fun but also earn money through the games.

Terrace Party
There's something really fun about a terrace party. A barbecue grill on the side, music playing on the system, games for company, a smooth flow of alcohol, and laughter all around.
Decorations collage for jack and jill party
The decorations that you use will depend on the theme that you've chosen. If you're throwing the party to raise money for the wedding then make sure that you don't splurge on the decorations. Try to find ways by which the cost can be cut down. Opt for flowers as centerpieces for a terrace party or paper lanterns to hang from trees at a barbecue. Similarly, using your (in storage) Christmas lights to brighten up an eve party is not a bad idea either. And if it's a pool party you're hosting, use inflatable pool balls to double up as play things and decorations. As far as the party venue is pleasant and inviting, your guest won't mind that you've not gone all out.
Food collage for jack and jill party
The food arranged at the party will (again) largely depend on the theme that has been chosen or the venue that has been finalized. Usually, a simple spread of burgers/sandwiches, veggie platters, cupcakes, and chicken wings is considered a decent fare. If, on the other hand, the party is a get-together affair and not a budget party, then you can go all out and put up a lavish spread by all means―a buffet or something similar.
The games that are organized are a very important part of the J&J party, especially if they are being organized to raise money. If raising money is not the objective, then a good mix of fun games will make the eve even more enjoyable. The following are a great mix of drinking games as well as other party games that you can play at your J&J party.
Games collage for party
In case your guests have purchased a ticket to participate in the party, usually a raffle is held sometime during the span of the eve. The ticket numbers of their raffle cards are put into a bowl and a card is randomly chosen. The person who wins is given half the money (or a sum of) from the collected amount.

Dunk a Coin
Have a huge bucket that is filled with water almost to 3/4th of the bucket height. Place a shot glass in the center of the bucket. The objective is to toss a coin into the bucket so that it lands into the shot glass. If it does, you win a small prize. The shots can be priced at $1 for 3 shots or something similar. The money that is collected goes to the couple in the end.

Deck of Cards
Another fun game that can be played is to tape a deck of cards face down on the counter or a flat board. People pay about a dollar or two to play this game. All they have to do is write their name on the back of the cards and whoever gets the ace of hearts, wins half the money. The rest of the money goes to the couple.

Box Key
Use a box that has a lock and key to it and keep a prize inside. Every participant pays a fixed sum of money to buy a key and try their luck. The person whose key opens the lock, wins the prize placed inside the box, while the rest of the cash is collected by the couple.

Forbidden Words
Make a list of 5 common words like 'Bride', 'Groom', 'Wedding', 'Honeymoon', and 'Dress' that are forbidden at the party. As each guest enters, give them 5 clothes pins that they are to clip on to their clothes. During the course of the eve, if anyone catches them using any of the forbidden words, they are to hand over one pin to the person. At the end of the eve, the person with the maximum number of pins, wins.

Find Me That Ribbon
Before the party, cut up several pieces of satin ribbons and stash them all around the house/party venue. Then, divide all the guests in pairs. At the blow of the whistle they must find as many ribbons as they can and start tying them into a rope. At the end of the 5 minutes, blow the whistle again and ask everyone to gather at the center. The pair with the longest ribbon rope, wins.
Rather interesting this idea of having a J&J party instead of the bridal shower and the bachelor party, right? We bet you're thinking about hosting one yourself ... and with all these tips on how to go about it, it won't be a difficult task at all.
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