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Stunningly Beautiful Ideas to Mismatch Bridesmaid Dresses

Beautiful Ideas to Mismatch Bridesmaid Dresses
It's natural to fall head over heals with the mismatched bridesmaid dresses, but pulling the look off is a whole new ballgame. Whether you're working with similar or different colors, shades, and/or styles, Wedessence will help you achieve a chic look for the bridal party.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
Even though the bride gets to finalize the style, color, accessories, and what not of your dress, don't be afraid to voice your opinion about the same and help her pick out dresses for the bridal party that are ...

1. appropriate for the season.
2. complement everyone's body type.
3. (and most importantly) fit in with the bride's personal style.
Tricky doesn't even begin to describe the path to finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses. Before taking Instagram- and Pinterest-worthy wedding pictures, there is a huge task of coordinating the dresses that work with the bridesmaids' body types, skin tones, and haircuts. And if you thought this is too much handle, remember, we haven't even broached the subject of picking the color, design, pattern, shade, and length of the dresses.

Yes, the art of finalizing bridesmaid dresses is a bit risqué, but with our guidance and suggestions, we think you can create a wonderful dress theme for the bridal party. Whether you're an ecstatic bride-to-be or a wonderful bridesmaid helping her friend make a decision, the following tips will definitely come in handy. For those looking for some inspiration.
Tips to Help Coordinate and Finalize the Dresses
Finding the right dress is a give-and-take process that both the bride and her bridesmaids have to follow through. With proper care and precision, you can end up with a cohesive-looking bridal party.
◆ Being inspired by the photos on Pinterest is a good way to start, but make sure that you follow a pattern while selecting the dress. Mainly, the first thing to keep in mind is the length of the dress. Regardless of the quantity, ensure that all the dresses have almost similar hem length.
◆ There are a lot of mix and match ideas that can be included in your mismatched bridesmaid dresses. With a variety of colors, shades, styles, fabric, designs, and lengths to choose from, make sure that the dresses have a story to tell and aren't too vague or unique from one another.
◆ Now comes the part where you cash in on the mismatched theme. As per the bride's request, let's say the bridal party has to wear knee-length blue chiffon dresses. How do you go about it? Well, there are a few options you can follow:
1. Same dress design/style and color family but mismatched shades
2. Same color family but mismatched dress design/style
3. Same color family but mismatched shades and dress design/style
4. Same dress design/style but mismatched color families
5. Mismatched color families and dress design/style
Make sure to narrow down your choices―color, shade, fabric, design―for the dresses and eliminate any chances of confusion. Just because a particular color scheme or dress pattern looks breathtaking on Pinterest doesn't mean it will do so for you too. Apart from looking at photos online (as part of your research), make appointments at different stores to visually understand how different colors and styles of dresses work with one another.
15 Ways to Mismatch the Dresses
Keeping the 5 options we mentioned above, we have put together some of our favorite mismatched looks for the bridesmaids. We hope that you enjoy going through our suggestions and can perhaps find something that can make an appearance in the wedding.
Black Bridesmaid Dresses
Black bridesmaid dresses
White Bridesmaid Dresses
White bridesmaid dresses
Blue Bridesmaid Dresses
Blue bridesmaid dresses
Bohemian Bridesmaid Dresses
Bohemian bridesmaid dresses
Gray Bridesmaid Dresses
Gray bridesmaid dresses
Green Bridesmaid Dresses
Green bridesmaid dresses
Printed Bridesmaid Dresses
Printed bridesmaid dresses
Coral Bridesmaid Dresses
Coral bridesmaid dresses
Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses
Yellow bridesmaid dresses
Polka Dots Bridesmaid Dresses
Polka dots dresses
Pink Bridesmaid Dresses
Pink bridesmaid dresses
Purple Bridesmaid Dresses
Purple bridesmaid dresses
Long Bridesmaid Dresses
Long bridesmaid dresses
Red Bridesmaid Dresses
Red bridesmaid dresses
Lace Bridesmaid Dresses
Lace bridesmaid dresses
With all the mismatched talks floating around, do make it a point to tie the whole thing together with a common element. These can be the accessories―necklace, earrings, rings, bracelets, pair of shoes, shawl―that the bridesmaids can have in common for a more cohesive and complete look.