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A Simple Tutorial That Shows You How to Wear a Bridal Veil

How to Wear a Bridal Veil
A bride is always excited about her wedding and everything associated with it. A bridal veil is one such attractive wedding accessory that a girl dreams of. If you are looking for the ways to wear a bridal veil, this article will tell you in detail how to wear it.
Snehal Motkar
Last Updated: Feb 24, 2018
A bridal dress or gown is the most interesting and most loved part of a wedding from a bride's perspective. She sees herself in that long white wedding gown and the flowing veil on her back which makes her feel all the more special. On surface level, a bridal veil appears just as a bridal accessory, but if we look at it from a traditional view, it has some beliefs associated with it. Before the veil tradition, brides used to wear long flowing hair on their back symbolizing their virginity and today, it is continued using a veil that covers the bride's hair and face. Many modern wedding ceremonies do not have the ceremony of the removal of veil from the bride's face by the groom because they are already engaged into their connubial relationship. Nowadays the bride either wears a veil behind the tiara (a headpiece that looks like a crown) at the back of her head or she covers her face with it. The groom does not unveil his bride's face until the wedding ceremony is over. After having a look at the wedding veil from traditional and modern perspective, let us learn to wear a bridal veil.
Steps to Wear a Bridal Veil
Traditionally wedding veils did not have much patterns, but today they come in a huge variety and also the ways are different according to the patterns of bridal veil. Let us learn the simple steps as well as know about a few types of wedding veils.
Step 1
Choose your bridal veil according to your wedding gown. For example, short wedding veil will go perfect with short knee-length gown.
Step 2
Every veil has a comb in front which has to be inserted into your hair. The place of the veil depends on your hairstyle. If you keep your hair open, you can wear the veil on the top of your head just behind the tiara or you can wear it a little back above the bun. Another way would be wearing it just above your neck.
Step 3
Hold the comb of the veil with teeth pointing towards your head. It should be curved a little so it can slide down the hair to its fixed position without hurting the scalp. While doing this, collect the tulle of the veil at the back on one side to keep it out-of-the-way. Do not apply force while collecting the tulle as it may get wrinkles.
Step 4
Once the comb reaches the desired position fix it properly. Then, spread the collected tulle and smoothen it to remove creases if there are any.
Step 5
If you are wearing a tiara, insert it in front of the veil and push it backwards till it reaches the veil eliminating the gap between the tiara and the veil. Use bobby pins to fix the tiara.
Types of Bridal Veils
Russian/Fishnet veil
Fishnet veil
If you wish to wear a Russian/Fishnet veil, you must know what it is. It is a short veil that covers only the bride's face and also frames the face with lace on its edges. It is usually attached to the hairpiece and the tulle falls unevenly on the bride's face. The material used for this veil is single layered and has larger holes than normal veil that looks like a net, hence it is also called Fishnet veil. A fishnet veil goes well with short gowns.
Cathedral Veil/ Chapel Veil
Cathedral Veil
A Cathedral Veil/ Chapel Veil is made up of two layers with different lengths. One layer covers bride's face and the other one falls at the back along the long train. It goes very well with formal long wedding gowns.
Elbow Veil
Elbow Veil
An Elbow Veil, as the name suggests, extends towards the elbows of the bride and can be made of one or two layers. It suits a gown that is longer than knee length.
Blusher Veil
Blusher Veil
A Blusher Veil is a short veil that covers the bride's face during the wedding ceremony. It is made of a single layer and falls just below the chin of the bride. It can match any type of bridal gown.
Fingertip Veil
Fingertip Veil
A Fingertip Veil, as it implies, falls up to the fingertips of the bride. It can be made of one or two layers just like an elbow veil. Generally it looks good with the formal floor length gowns.
Flyaway Veil
Flyaway Veil
A Flyaway Veil is different from all other types because it is made of several layers and it is an informal type of veil. It falls around the shoulders of the bride and suit the short wedding gown better.
Waltz Veil
Waltz Veil
A Waltz Veil is yet another type of veil made of single material. Its shortest length is up to knee level and longest is up to the floor. It is also a formal type of veil and can match a long wedding gown.
These were the easy steps for wearing a bridal veil and a few types of veils you can choose from. To flaunt your special wedding dress plan beforehand and spend a considerable amount of time while selecting it.
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