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History and Meaning of the Splendid Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Aquamarine Engagement Ring Meaning
Getting engaged is a revered and precious feeling that you seal with a beautiful ring. While most choose aquamarine engagement rings for the occasion, knowing a little more about the meaning and symbolism of this ring can be helpful. Read on to know more...
Dhanashree Patane
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Every couple has this dream of getting a unique ring, that melts his/her partner in love and bliss. When we say rings, it is diamonds that first strikes a glitter! Sure they are a girl's best friend, and we can say an expensive best friend too. Well, even if we consider there is no price for love, diamonds are cliché! While you flaunt this ring on your finger, you know there are ten other couples flaunting the same stone around. Everybody opts for diamonds and when it comes to engagement rings, where is the unique desire? Thanks to the many beauties of nature, that have many options when it comes to precious stones. One such stone is the aquamarine gemstone, that makes its way into a variety of beautiful aquamarine jewelry. A splendid option for an engagement ring is a ring with an aquamarine stone. Along with a plush aqua color, this ring also has a precious treasure of thoughts, energy and blessings. Let us check more on this ring and the meaning of this engagement ring.
Aquamarine Engagement Rings - The Look
The name suggests of the peaceful ocean waves in blue! This name has Latin origins, which is 'aqua' that means water and 'mare' which means sea. This is exactly what this ring looks like. The aquamarine stone comes in varying shades of blue. Some of these shades have a splash of ocean green in them, which make these shades breathtaking! You can combine these with gold, white gold or platinum. For more compliments and luxury, you can also combine few diamonds around the stone and design. Now that really sounds unique.
The Meaning of an Aquamarine Engagement Ring
Along with sheer beauty, you will be glad to know the meaning of these rings. People choose this ring not only because it looks good, but also for many other spiritual reasons. The Aquamarine gemstone is the birthstone for those born in the month of March. This ring symbolizes the natural element of water. Water possesses the quality and energy of cleansing and purification, so aquamarine rings are meant to have a strong zeal of this energy. The blue color of this gemstone symbolizes positive energy traits like harmony, trust, faithfulness and companionship. This stone has energy that is receptive along with psychic abilities. These rings have healing powers that heal the spiritual body, make one stress free and maintain inner peace and balance.
These rings are known to give a fruitful married life, and this applies more and specially to the bride, and also are known to get back lost love. It helps sustain and blossom love in marriage and relationships. These rings are also good for people who have a short temper and an active ego. So this ring is lucky for those born in March or under the Pisces zodiac sign. This stone is also suitable for those born in October. Those who have the number 3 as their birth number (for example: 12th, 30th, 21st, 3rd) have excellent benefits from this stone. So if your fiance falls under these characteristics, nothing can be better than an aquamarine ring. Couples getting married or proposing in the month of March can make their day more special and symbolic with this engagement ring. It is also a good choice for couples close to water, like the sea. The history of these rings mentioned below will give us an insight on this.
History of Aquamarine Rings
According to history, it is believed that mermaids treasured aquamarine stones. Sailors consider this stone to give the wearer foresight with courage and happiness. It kept the sailors guarded from any dangers from the sea. So they kept these as charms on their voyages for a long time. The biggest aquamarine stone was discovered in Brazil in the year 1920, which weighed 243 pounds.
Another interesting fact about the aquamarine ring is that it is considered to be a lucky gift on the 19th wedding anniversary. So those considering aquamarine engagement rings, think no further, along with the charming look of mesmerizing blue, these rings will also shower luck and blessings on your partner and your relationship together!
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