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How and When to Fire Your Wedding Planner: Smart Pieces of Advice

How and When to Fire Your Wedding Planner
The wedding day is the most special day in a girl's life. But when you have a wedding planner who is just not compatible with you and your thoughts, you need to think about replacing her with someone who is more in sync with you.
Malvika Kulur
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2018
"Weddings are important because they celebrate life and possibility."
― Anne Hathaway
A wedding is the union of two people who choose to spend the rest of their lives together. A lot of planning, organizing, and hard work goes into creating the perfect wedding. If you were to ask the bride-to-be what is the most important thing while putting together your wedding, she will say that it is finding someone trustworthy to plan the event. A wedding planner is someone who takes care of all the organizational work and bookings required for the big day. They are professionals who charge you depending on the size of the wedding and your requirements. Hiring a wedding planner makes things easy for the bride-to-be by relieving her of the responsibility of taking care of every small detail. Sometimes, due to known references or financial constraints, brides-to-be hire inexperienced wedding planners, who are incompetent and do not deliver what they promise. Hiring someone new to replace them becomes the best solution for a situation like this.

When you plan to hire a wedding planner, always go for one who has a good reputation. Have a written contract with them, specifically stating your budget, terms and conditions of the services provided, your requirements, the rules for termination of the contract, etc. Hiring a wedding planner is more convenient, but it is a very important decision to make. Interview a few planners before making your choice. This Wedessence article has outlined some reasons as to why you would fire your wedding planner and how you should go about it.
Exceeding the Wedding Budget
When you hire a wedding planner, you set a budget and expect her to make do with it. Usually, good and experienced wedding planners will stick with your budget. Some planners who are inexperienced have a tough time negotiating the best possible deal for you while adhering to your budget. They will try to make you extend your budget by giving you low-quality options for caterers, flowers, venue, etc. If you are dealing with such people, you might as well go ahead and find a replacement as you are being taken for a ride.

Many wedding planners have tie-ups with flower vendors and caterers, and they will always try to get the best deal possible for their clients. If yours is not doing so, it just proves that she has not been in the profession for a long time and does not have the resources to provide the promised quality of work for your special day.
Constant Disagreements
Every girl has a rough idea of what she wants for her wedding, be it the theme, location, seating arrangement, flowers, food, musicians, etc. If your wedding coordinator argues with you and tries to push her way through all the time, you have a problem at hand. Having to constantly remind your planner that you are the boss and it is your wedding day does put a damper on your mood.

Does your planner completely disregard and ignore your opinions? Do you both constantly disagree on paltry issues? If yes, then you should start hunting for a new one. If you want tulips for your wedding, your planner should get you tulips and not force you to use lilies instead, just because she likes the flower better. If you find yourself constantly arguing and trying to convince your planner, it's high time you ask her to leave.
Lack of Communication
What is the main task of the wedding planner? It is to inform you about everything that is going on. How do you deal with someone who does not inform you about anything or is missing in action for days on end? A good wedding planner keeps you in the loop about things, like the flower company that has been hired, the caterers, venue, etc. They make sure to answer your calls, reply to your emails, and even go out of their way to keep you involved with everything that's happening.

If your wedding coordinator fails to communicate with you or lacks basic communication etiquette, then you need to talk it out with her. When there is an agreement between two parties, communication is the most important factor without which everything fails.
Trying to Make a Move on Your Fiance
This point is a little cheesy, but it is important. You must have watched the 2001 movie The Wedding Planner. No bride-to-be would want her fiance to be stolen right under her nose by the wedding planner. If your coordinator knows your fiance or has had any kind of history with him, don't think twice about dismissing her.

If she is not known to your fiance, but during the course of planning your wedding, she develops some feelings for him, then again, you have a justifiable reason to fire her.
How to Fire the Wedding Planner
If you and your planner have a contract, then it is a legal obligation to adhere to the clauses mentioned in them. Terminating your planner also means terminating the contract before its stipulated time. The reasons for terminating the contract should be valid ones. The termination letter should be signed by both parties, while the outstanding dues (if any) should be taken care of.

Talking to your planner always helps. You two can come to a mutual agreement and part ways amicably. If there is no contract between the wedding couple and the planner, then just a letter from the couple to the planner is enough. A specimen of the letter of termination is provided below.

Dear Ms. Doe,

I am terminating your services due to (state the reasons). Kindly send me your bill for the outstanding amount payable to you. Thank you for the services that you have provided for my wedding. Wish you luck in your future endeavors.

Your sincerely,

(your name and signature)
* Always maintain a copy of all the paperwork involved in hiring and firing your wedding planner.
Firing a wedding planner is a very big decision to make. Never rush into this decision without thinking it through. You should always discuss this with your fiance and immediate family or close friends to seek their advice. Before firing her, try to make things work between you and your planner. If your planner promises to be good after your talk, you should give her a chance.
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