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The Big Advantages of Having a Small Wedding They Never Told You

Big Advantages of Having a Small Wedding
A wedding day is indeed a big day in your life, but does it need to be literally "big" in terms of the venue, food, or number of guests invited? Certainly not. With due respect to the thoughts of people who believe in big weddings, Wedessence explains why having a small wedding would be a better choice.
Snehal Motkar
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018
For a Stress-free Wedding ...
Having a small wedding will keep you calm and make you feel more relaxed on the wedding day, because you will be surrounded by familiar faces only.
Different people have different views about a wedding ceremony. While some think that the big day should be big in all aspects, some believe in keeping it simple and intimate. It is a great idea to share the moments of your special day with more people who are your near and dear ones. However, this plan may work well when you have a whole lot of friends and relatives to liven up the event. For others, a small wedding may be just perfect.

If we think a little deeper, a cycle of expenses may be formed while planning a big wedding, which begins with the venue.
Problem Areas You Can Avoid
Interior of wedding decoration
» Since it is gonna be a large wedding, the venue ought to be some grand palace or a similar bigger place. As the venue is big, the decorative pieces, like the centerpieces, backdrops, and other accessories should match the level of the venue.
Dress and bridal gown
» Next comes the wardrobe, one of the highlights of any wedding. A huge wedding hall and expensive decorations is equal to a long, long guest list, and it's obvious that you want to look your best in front of such a big crowd. Thus, you want to purchase heavy wedding clothes to suit the entire scenario.
Buffet food
» Last but certainly not the least is the menu for the wedding. It is generally believed that the success of a wedding ceremony is judged by the food and drinks served on the occasion. People may forget what were you dressed in or how expensive was your wedding cake; what they will remember is the food served to them, and they will rate the wedding accordingly.
So, a large wedding, in short, is large from every angle, which may, at the end of the day, become stressful and heavy on the pocketbook as well. Having said that, let us now explore the common advantages of having a small wedding.
Reasons to Have a Small Wedding
Easy Management
It is the biggest dream of every couple to make their wedding ceremony a perfect, flawless event and cherish only the good memories. In order to make an event perfectly successful, there should be an ease in its management, and this is possible with a smaller wedding. There are innumerable things to be done as a part of wedding preparations, which requires many hands at work. The smallest mistake may spoil the entire event, and if this happens in front of a huge crowd, it would be even more embarrassing. Hence, it is ideal to keep it small, simple, and easily manageable.
Good Way to Save Money
The most important and obvious advantage of having a small wedding is lesser expenses, resulting into greater savings. You will have a limited number of guests, so less number of invitation cards will be printed, transportation expenditure will come down, and catering costs will reduce, which will ultimately make a perfectly planned budget wedding.
Also, a smaller-sized wedding will allow you to go in for a grand wedding because of the limited number of guests. You might be able to book a higher-priced venue with multiple facilities and luxuries for your guests and still save your money.

The money that will be saved from the wedding can be used for a number of important things, like buying a new home, making investments for a secured future, for your children education, and other personal necessities.
Individual Attention to All Guests
Guest lunch
Attending and looking after the guests during a wedding ceremony is a big thing. They are the people, who have traveled so far and come to offer their blessings and good wishes to you for your married life. You will have opportunities to involve each one of them in various activities and make them feel important. Their active participation in the entire ceremony will create a kind of livelihood and make the event more enjoyable. And, if you have 10 to 15 guest tables booked instead of 40, it will be easier for you to approach each guest in person and spend some quality time with them. It will also save much of your time, which can later be invested in dancing and other fun activities.
Scope for Having a Destination Wedding
Beach wedding setup
Who would not like to have a wedding somewhere far and at a destination like Bermuda or Alaska? Well, if you are provoked by the thought and wish for a similar wedding destination for yourself, then know that it is easier with a small wedding. Firstly, there is a wider scope for finding a perfect location because smaller destination wedding venues are abundant as compared to the larger and local wedding venues. Further, it is easier to organize the transport and party arrangements with less number of people in a foreign location.

It is certainly not that small weddings do not pose any difficulties and challenges. You may have to face some negative reactions after announcing your idea, especially from your parents, who believe that since you may be the only child in the family, your wedding should be grand and more inclusive. However, if you explain the whole scenario and the advantages of a smaller wedding, they may get convinced and support you.