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Complement the Bride With the Perfect Matron of Honor Dresses

Matron of Honor Dresses
The dress of a matron of honor will complement that of the bride and hence needs to be that extra bit special as well. This article will serve as a mini guidebook for women wondering how they can pick out the perfect dress for themselves.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Jan 19, 2018
So, your little sister is tying the knot. And you're her matron of honor. You couldn't be happier! It's a two pronged delight for you. Your sister is beginning a new life AND you're the matron of honor! You've already got a million ideas pertaining to the wedding zooming around in your head. All that left aside, one of the most important things that you have to decide is what you'll be wearing on your sister's big day! What fit, what color, what pattern, what length, so on and so forth. All such details which need to be paid attention to will be dealt with, in this Wedessence article.
Tips to Buy the Perfect Matron of Honor Dress
Bride And Bridesmaid
When you're out there, trying out various dresses until you find the perfect one, keep the following things in mind. It'll give you quick and assured results! Pay close attention to these pointers and you'll look fabulous on the big day!
Wear the Right Length
Mauve Dress
The best suited length is tea length or full length. They're more dignified than their shorter counterparts. Avoid a dress that ends above the knees. A dress that is just at the knees will do fine, but you'll have to pay close attention to your sitting style with it. Wearing a tea length dress will enable you to be a little more relaxed. And that will show in the comfortable expression on your face.
Choose the Right Colors
Navy Blue Dress
Go in for light colors like lilac, baby pink or peach. A well-organized contrast in colors works well too. You could go in for deep red or deep purple! Keep the wedding theme in mind before you buy your dress. Avoid anything that will clash violently with the bride's wedding dress. Another thing you need to keep in mind is the color of the bridesmaids dresses! A maid of honor dress is occasionally different from the bridesmaids dresses. You, being the matron of honor, can use this to your advantage. Use the same color but a totally different pattern OR a different pattern and color altogether! Just keep the bride in the loop about your 'experiments'.
Pick the Right Pattern
Gray Evening Dress
Go in for a simple, yet elegant pattern. Sophistication is the key when it comes to being the matron of honor. You're the right hand of the bride. You have to look stunning at the wedding. And that won't happen if you're hidden up in frills! You won't get the work done as quickly as you would want it to, plus, it's really tough to take someone seriously if they look like a pom-pom.
Get it Fitted
Nothing exudes confidence and poise like a woman in a well fitted dress. Only the woman wearing that perfectly fitting dress can feel it! So make sure your dress is cut and hemmed at all the required places. Avoid a snug fitting dress. Check for loose threads and popping pins. In case you're pregnant, don't worry, there are stores that sell some gorgeous dresses especially for pregnant women too. Just put one on and you'll glow like never before.
Something to Go with It
Bride with bridesmaids
As far as accessories are concerned, yours can match the bridesmaids'. Jewelry, shoes, belts, etc. whatever it is, see that it matches the theme of the wedding. However, if you're going to be the one handing the ring to the bride, (in case there is a maid of honor AND a matron of honor), then a small purse matching the rest of the attire will look perfect.
Who Buys?
Bride And Bridesmaid Outside Church
You, like any good and responsible matron of honor, will be paying for your dress from your own pocket. This can be an advantage and a disadvantage. It is one of your duties as a matron of honor to consult the bride about what kind of dress she wants you to wear. Once that's decided, you can decide on how much to spend. If she's taking you to a place of her choice, then you have little or no say. But if she leaves it up to you, there are loads of places with exceptional deals on dresses that will fit all the requirements mentioned here. Remember, just because they're inexpensive does not mean they're ugly.
Make sure you try your dress when you purchase it and also at least a couple of days before the wedding. This will give you a buffer in case the dress needs to be altered in any manner. Go ahead and get yourself a gorgeous dress to complement that gorgeous bride!
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