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The Best Wordings for Your Own Wedding Reception Invitations Only

Wedding Invitation Wordings for Reception Only
Reception only invitations are used when the wedding and the reception are held on separate dates, or when different sets of people are invited for both. In this following Wedessence article, we will take you through some of the best invitation wordings, both, formal and informal to help make your task easier.
Girija Shinde
Last Updated: Jan 19, 2018
Did You Know?
Traditionally, it is the parents of either the bride or the groom in whose name the invitations are sent, however, many couples these days, prefer to use their names as well.
The wedding scene has undergone a complete change. The rules that used to be followed once upon a time are no longer something that form the rule of thumb anymore; in fact, there are several newer concepts that are floated and followed, depending on the convenience and requirements of the couple getting married. For example, earlier, all the guests would attend the nuptials and the reception―today, that is not the case.
Wedding ceremonies have now become a very small and private affair with only the immediate family members and close friends and relatives in attendance. So also, earlier, the wedding used to be immediately followed by the reception, however, today, this is not a compulsion either. There are many couples who have their nuptials at one time and follow it with a reception after several days. The reasons for doing this could be many. But it leaves the occasion of a reception as a completely separate function.
This is where the concept of 'Reception only' invitations comes into the picture. These are given to people who were not invited for the wedding, or for when the reception is on a different day than the wedding. In this following Wedessence article, we will give you a great collection of these reception only invites that delve into the formal, the informal, and the funny.
Reception Only Invitation Wording Samples
Formal Wordings
Mr. and Mrs. (Bride's Parents)
request the pleasure of your company
at a (dinner) reception in honor of
Katie Williams and David Ray

We will be married in a private wedding ceremony on (date).

Please celebrate with us at our
reception following the ceremony

... And they lived happily ever after!

Dreams do come true!
Just like those of Katie Williams and David Ray!

You're invited to attend their wedding reception

He slipped the ring on her finger,
a promise made for life ...
Join us as we share their joy
now that they're man and wife!

A reception to honor the newly married
couple, Katie Williams and David Ray,
on (Date)
from (Time)
at (Venue)
Jane Marie Smith
Thomas Allan Johnson

are pleased to announce that they will be married
on (date) during a private ceremony on the Island of Maui.

Please join them for a
celebration when they return as
husband and wife
on (Date)
from (Time)
at (Venue)
Mr. and Mrs. John Doe Smith
request the pleasure of your company
at the marriage reception of their daughter

Katie Williams
David Ray

on (Date)
from (Time)
at (Venue)
His love is the sunshine that keeps me warm
To me, she's the rainbow after the storm
His love gave me wings, it has set me free
And wherever she is, that's where I want to be.

We, (bride and groom name) invite you to be with us for our wedding reception

We're getting ready to depart
on a romantic trip, which is only the start.

will be married on (date)

Please join us for a reception when we return

Because you have shared in our lives
by your friendship and love,
we (Bride and Groom names), together with our parents
invite you to celebrate
our new life together
at our reception following
our private wedding ceremony
on Friday, 9 May 2014
at six o'clock in the evening.

The Hall of Maria Monica
Five South Bend Boulevard
St. Sebastian, Ontaro
Bride and Groom Name
will be married in a private
wedding ceremony on
Saturday, the 4th of October 2014

Please celebrate with us at our
reception following the ceremony
at six o'clock in the evening.

Harmonica Club
8710 Margo view Club Drive
Hilliard, Ohio
Jane and Joe
invite you to join us at our reception
celebrating our recent marriage.

Please come get down with us at
7pm on Saturday, the 10th of October
Bigtown Ballroom
Brig Town, WA
Liz and Alec,
together with their parents
invite you to celebrate their love and commitment
at a reception following their ceremony.

Join us for hors d'oeuvres, drinks, dessert and dancing.
Because you have believed in them,
Celebrated with them
Loved and encouraged them,
We, (Bride's parents' names)
And (Groom's parents' names)
Ask you to join us in honoring our children
Bride Name and Groom Name
As they celebrate the beginning of their adventures together

Date and location

Bring your dancing shoes.

Dinner and music immediately following ceremony.
Your love and friendship have
helped us become who we are.

Together with our parents,
we invite you to share our joy
and support our love,
as we exchange vows and
celebrate our marriage.

―Katie and Alan

Sunday 23rd August at 2 o'clock


A celebration with dinner, drinks, and dancing will follow.
Informal Invitations
Because you are good friends
We thought you'd like to know
That we ran off and got married
We did it on the go!

Join us as we want to share this joy with you
on (Date)
from (Time)
at (Venue)
We kept it quiet
like little mice -
a private wedding
we thought would be nice.

We're married now
as happy as can be!

Please celebrate with us
at our big reception!

Because we like a good scare,
and we're fond of a good fright,
we're having our reception
on Halloween night!

Bride, Katie Williams and Groom, David Ray
invite you to a hauntingly good time.

They got their feet wet and played in the sand
And oh yes, they joined their hands!

Devin and Cara were wed on (date).

Join us in celebrating their marriage
from (Time)
at (Venue)
We spun the wheel,
and took a chance;
we hit the jackpot,
with true romance!

Sandy and Brian are off to Las Vegas to be wed on (date).

Join these high rollers at their reception
Let's all be famous,
just for one night;
come in your costume,
to scare or delight!

Katie Williams and David Ray invite you to their
Costume Ball/Wedding Reception

Boy met Girl.
For the rest of the story,
join the bride and groom at their reception
on (Date)
from (Time)
at (Venue)
We're getting ready to depart
on a romantic trip afar!

Shay and Kyle will be married on (date)

Please join us for a reception when we return

Funny Invitations
As many of you know, WE'RE REALLY, REALLY GETTING MARRIED! We're trying to keep the ceremony/dinner part of our wedding intimate....but it simply wouldn't be a party WITHOUT YOU THERE, so we sincerely hope you can join us for the post-ceremony dancing reception!

Please join us for a night of dancing, camping and much, much wackiness under the trees of Baliobrig Island! Naturally, since we first fell in love at a rave, we have to throw a small (very small) rave-like thing to celebrate the wedding. So come dance with us.
Mr. & Mrs. Balagio
call for the contentment of your company
at the marriage of
Missy & Craig
on Saturday, the 11th of July, 2009 at half-past five in the evening


Dress as you wish, dine as you like, dance as you please!
Further details and a few cute photos at wedding website --

Kindly RSVP by date []

Please choose one:
__ accept with pleasure
__ decline with regret
__ accept with regret
__ decline with pleasure
Sarah and Thomas,
Invite you to join the fun
As they stand together with sweaty hands & open hearts
extending their friendship to include the vows of marriage.

Location and Time

Dinner, dancing, and merriment to follow

Costumes encouraged!

Wedding website
You are totally invited to the wedding of
Maggie and Alec
on Sunday, the 27th of September 2009
at five in the evening


Address details

Ceremony followed by dinner, drinks, and awkward, but enthusiastic dancing

Kindly RSVP by date:
We will be attending your awesome wedding
[ ] True
[ ] False
[___] guests will be attending
And there you have it, a wide choice of the reception only wordings that you need, including a wide range of the formal, informal, and funny invites. All you do now is decide the tone of your reception and choose something that goes perfectly well with it. Thankfully, you will be spoiled for choice.
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