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Wedding Menu Card Template

Wedding Menu Card Template

Along with special, everyone wishes for a unique wedding. But when it comes to the menu, many often opt to be safe than sorry. Read this Wedessence article to know more.
Geeta Dhavale
When it comes to weddings everything has to be perfect. From wedding cakes to wedding decorations and from the venue to the menu cards. This article shares some insights on menu card that will help you embellish your menu cards for weddings in a unique manner. A perfectly designed wedding card can add a touch of class to the entire event. There are number of designs you can choose from to come up with a good menu card for your wedding. Given below are some of the designs of menu cards that you can experiment with! Take a look.

Ideas To Consider

Given below are some of the popular and standard ideas for menu card for weddings that are sure to make your wedding menu more attractive and mouth-watering.

Formal Menu Card: You can choose formal cards if you are hosting the dinner party in a hotel or a restaurant. Generally, formal wedding menu template consists of three course meal description, namely - course I, course II, course III. You can use a single paper or can go for three pieces of papers for each course. Such card gives a classy and ultra formal look to the dinner party.

Standard Menu Card: A standard menu card is somewhat similar to a formal menu card but here, you do not have to describe the menu course wise. Standard menu consists of welcome drinks, starters, meal, desserts, etc. This gives an informal look to the party where people can enjoy thoroughly without bothering too much about the etiquette.

Theme Menu Card: If you have a wedding theme then the card too has to be in sync with it. The font type and font size plays a major role in giving a desired look. You must choose the right colors and patterns that express the wedding theme in the card too.

Template of a Menu Card for Weddings

Menu: For the people to notice, you must mention at the top that it is a menu card for the wedding.

Names of the Bride and Groom: It is also advisable to mention the names of the couple to give a personal touch to the card.

Quote or Tag: You may also add some quotes or tag lines to add some cheerfulness.

Welcome Drinks: Mention all the drinks, including soft and hard, that will be served at the party.

Starters: Mention all the starters that will be served in the party. Also remember to mention veg and non veg dishes separately, if you have two menus.

Main course: Inform the guests about the entire main course so that they can decide in advance about what they want to eat in what quantity.

Desserts: Also mention the desserts that the guests can relish on.

Coffee: Do not forget to include the coffee that you may wish to serve before the guests leave.

A Thank You Note: You can also express your gratitude towards guests for joining you for the party or request guests to serve themselves freely and enjoy the food.

Sample Menu Card

From the above template, I hope you got a clear idea about wedding menu cards for better understanding I would provide you with a sample menu card for wedding:


Sophia and David
Invite you to
Eat, Enjoy, And Celebrate!

Orange Juice
Old Red Wine

Scottish Smoked Salmon
In herb sauce

Grilled Boneless Chicken
in white wine sauce

Brown Bread and Garlic Bread

Italian Salad with Cheese Sauce

Dark Fantasy Rum Cake

with Vanilla Ice-cream

Tea, Coffee, and Mints

Hope you enjoy the food. Thank You!

There are no strict rules or limitations when it comes to designing menu cards for weddings. You can use your creativity and come up with your own ideas. Just make sure that guests love the food as much as they would like the card!