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Wedding RSVP Wording

Wedding RSVP Wording

If you aren't sure about what goes into the perfect wedding RSVP wordings, then the following sections will help you right through. Continue reading for more details on the same.
Rujuta Borkar
Most invitations these days come with the option of RSVP (répondez s'il vous plaît,) which simply put means 'Reply/respond please'. Whenever there is the option of RSVP mentioned in a card, it means that the sender of the card needs to know whether you will be present at the function, as well as expects you to answer other details that are related to the wedding. This is most naturally done to make arrangements for the function. One of the most common functions for which the RSVP option is used is that of a wedding. And even though it is a commonly used option, there are many individuals who might be confused about the kind of wordings and the etiquette that should be followed. In the following sections we will take you through some of the examples for writing the wordings so that you can formulate this option better. Continue reading for more details.

Etiquette for Writing RSVP Wordings

The RSVP wordings that are used in a wedding card can be written either in a formal or an informal way. A wedding RSVP can be of varied types and it depends from individual to individual the kind of information they are looking to learn from the RSVP. This would include knowing the number of people attending the function, the choice of food (vegetarian or non-vegetarian) or even a simple attendance in the affirmative or negative. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when filling out the wedding RSVP wordings:
  • Depending on the budget, the RSVP card can be posted either as a part of the wedding card in a separate self-addressed envelope or as a separate postcard by itself.
  • The wordings need to be absolutely clear so that there is no doubt left about what is expected to be filled in.
  • To ensure that your guests reply, try and include a self-addressed envelope that has been stamped so that there is no hassle.
RSVP Wording Samples

There are several ways in which one can write the wedding RSVP wordings. Here are a few examples of the samples so that you get a clearer picture of what goes into writing good RSVP wordings in the wedding card.

Carlson - Cage Wedding
A favored reply is requested
before December 30th 2011

Mr./Ms. ------
Accept with pleasure
Number of adults attending-----
Number of children attending-----
-------Decline with regret

Smith - Jones Wedding
The favor of a reply is requested
by 20th of March 2011

Number of people attending----
Unable to attend----

Number of people attending----
Unable to attend----

Parker - Hewitt Wedding
Kindly reply by April 20, 2011

Mr./Ms. ------
-----Can't wait!
-----Can't come.

Jackson - Jones Wedding
The pleasure of a reply is requested
on or before May 10, 2011

Mr./Ms. ------

Please indicate your meal choices

Jefferson - Smith Wedding
Your RSVP is requested by
April 30, 2011

Name(s): -----
-----But of course
-----So very sorry

Please initial each guest's meal selection

Carlson - Cage Wedding
We have reserved two seats in your honor

Mr./Ms. ------
-----Looking forward to it!
-----Have to miss the fun!

Song Request #1-------
Song Request #2-------

Hoping that these wedding RSVP wording samples have given you an idea of what goes into writing an RSVP card following the right RSVP etiquette and how you can word it. Depending on the details of what you need to know from the guests―like the number of people attending, their choice of menu, their choice of songs and any other details, you can change the wordings and include these in the card.