Popular Wedding Colors

Incorporating a few popular wedding colors in a wedding ceremony or reception can create a different style and ambiance. In this Wedessence article, we help you choose the best colors for the most important day in your life.
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You have started planning your wedding, but are confused as to which colors would seem appropriate for the occasion. What would you do if you come across such a confusion?
Choosing Popular Wedding Colors
Choosing the right wedding color combination is one of the most difficult tasks included in wedding planning. As there are a variety of colors, with every color seeming suitable; it is certain that you will get confused. However, with some simple guidelines, you can surely decide on colors that will increase the beauty of the wedding venue and the atmosphere. An important aspect to consider while choosing color themes for the wedding is the season, as there are certain colors that will look appropriate for a particular season.
Icy white is one of the best colors for summer, winter, or any other season. You can choose a number of different shades of this color to add a modern and clean look to your wedding. You can consider white decor, flowers, balloons, etc. If you are thinking of colors that would match a beach wedding, ocean tones are suggested. These include turquoise blended with sandy accents, and wedding decorations such as bowls filled with sand and seashells. A blend of white and turquoise is also a good choice for beach wedding decorations.
The color pink has always been the bride's favorite for adding to the wedding theme, decorations, and accessories. If you want to choose colors for a wedding to be held in spring or summer, good choices are a combination of pink and green. A centerpiece of this color combination will really look good. When it comes to winter decorations, colors such as burgundy and emerald are good alternatives. These colors give a rich feeling to the atmosphere and the venue. Moreover, decorations with red roses and holly berries add to the beauty.
If you want to have a somewhat Gothic or unconventional color scheme for your wedding, a blend of red and black decor and accessories is the best option. In addition, this color combination also adds a substantial amount of warmth to the atmosphere. In case your wedding is to be held in spring, you can opt for purple as the primary color, with different accents of white and silver in the decorations. Purple will certainly add a royal touch to the wedding arrangements. For a spring wedding, other good color choices are lavender and blue.
Whichever color you select, make sure that you choose two accent colors to create attractive color tones. It is a simple rule that in a summer wedding, it is better if you go in for cool color tones. On the other hand, for a winter wedding, it is suggested that you choose warm tones.
If you are still confused regarding which colors would be suitable for your wedding, the best option is to take help of a wedding planner. In order to get more ideas, you may refer to magazines that are available in the market.
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