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The Most Awesome Rehearsal Dinner Centerpieces of ALL Time

Rehearsal Dinner Centerpieces
Deciding on rehearsal dinner centerpieces can be overwhelming, simply because there is so much to choose from. You can always add in a touch of your style among these. You can take them to a whole new level by discovering new elements that may further add to the beauty of these centerpieces.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Feb 9, 2018
A rehearsal dinner is usually held the night before the wedding and is a time where family and friends of the bride and groom gather together for a fun-filled evening. While a rehearsal dinner is one of the most widely practiced wedding traditions, the event can be as casual or formal as you want it to be. For a casual dinner, you may not need a proper table setting and centerpieces to go along with it. For a semi-formal or formal occasion, on the other hand, following the right etiquette and having the right decorations along with some beautiful centerpieces is mandatory.

Weddings themselves are expensive affairs, and if there's anywhere you want to cut down costs, the rehearsal dinner, along with its decorations and centerpieces can be where you can do so. Instead of spending huge bucks on fancy centerpieces, take a look at these inexpensive yet splendid centerpiece ideas, most of which, you can make on your own.
Candle Centerpieces
Candles are the simplest centerpieces, and perhaps the most common too. But there is a reason why they are always recommended. They create a sensuous, romantic aura, they subtly light up the venue, and they are so versatile that they can be used in unique ways to look gorgeous.
candle centerpiece
  • You all must be aware of the idea of small candles placed in glass jars, placed as a centerpiece. Further make this centerpiece unique, by wrapping up the glass jar with a silk thread or raffia, in a color that complements the overall decorations, and allow the candle light to filter through.
  • Flowers strewn around these candles in votive holders only add to their beauty.
  • Get hold of some single colored pillar candles of different heights, and wrap them up with these threads. Simple, yet beautiful. Get some round flat mirrors, say the size of a dinner plate. Place on them these pillar candles and tie them together with a thick ribbon and sprinkle a few flower petals on the mirrors. The reflection of the candle light on the mirror will add to the glow of the evening.
Floral Centerpieces
Yes you see flowers everywhere at every wedding and rehearsal dinner and every other event. What you don't see is how you can give a unique twist to this supposedly overused centerpiece. It really is all about your creativity and how you wish to utilize it. In keeping with the simplicity of floral arrangements for centerpieces, you can try submerging one single flower of your choice in a small glass of water, and tying the base of the glass with a ribbon that matches the overall color scheme.
floral centerpiece
Submerged flowers look divine and are the current rage among floral centerpieces.
Balloon Centerpieces
Balloon centerpieces appear to me as very bright and happy centerpieces. Choose balloons of different colors, and blow them up to a small size. Make a balloon bouquet of about 4-5 balloons. Tie a string around each balloon, and tie up all the strings together at the base. Take a small, but slight heavy rock and wrap the excess string around the rock to hold down the balloons. Use a ribbon to wrap up the unsightly string on the rock. Place it on the table, and have a unique centerpiece.
balloon centerpieces
Tip: To prevent the balloons from swaying in every direction, place the rock in a vase, the height of which suitably covers up the length of the balloon string.

Else, you can also blow slightly smaller balloons and place them in a rectangular box filled with colored Styrofoam. Tie each balloon to a wooden skewer and pierce it through the Styrofoam. This centerpiece will not be too high and will sufficiently add color (based on the theme) to the entire decor.
Shell and Sand Centerpieces
A walk on the beach can solve the purpose of finding unique shells for centerpieces for your rehearsal dinner. All you have to do is get yourself large shells and sand, fill up a vase or any other dish that you prefer with the sand, and place the shell(s) on it. The height of the dish can vary based on whether you are looking for taller centerpieces or shorter ones.
shell and sand centerpieces
In another idea, a combination of rocks, shells and sand put together make for simple themed centerpieces. Firstly, pick out similar sized rocks and shells from the beach. Then get some tall, cylindrical vases. Fill up these vases in layers in this manner: sand, rocks, sand, shells, sand, rocks, sand. Fill up the vase to the brim. The thickness of each layer can vary as per your choice. They may be equal, or you can have a thicker layer of sand, a thinner layer of rocks, and a slightly thick layer of shells.
Fabric Centerpieces
Using fabrics of different materials, textures, colors and patterns can really cast magic as rehearsal dinner centerpieces. An interesting way to make this work is to get a goldfish bowl, and a sheer fabric, say in the color gold. Just loosely bunch it up, and place it in the bowl. Now sprinkle some flower petals, autumn leaves picked off the street (spray painted in a color of your choice) or some confetti on the fabric. Voila! Your inexpensive centerpiece is ready.
fabric centerpieces
Go an extra mile and surround the glass bowl with votive candle holders.

If you are good with fabric origami, you could use your talent to make an interesting centerpiece for your rehearsal dinner. Or you could simply fold the fabric in different ways and place it in glasses, as shown in the adjacent image. The candles add to the decor here too. Go bold with brighter fabrics against lighter backgrounds (table covers) so that your centerpieces truly stand out.
Always make a sample and see how it looks before you go ahead and make all the centerpieces. Think beyond the ordinary. It's time to think out of the box, and try out some of the centerpieces mentioned above.
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