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Sample Wedding Planner Contract

Sample Wedding Planner Contract

Have you recently begun your own wedding planning company? Would you like some help with a sample wedding planner contract? If yes, then look no further as the following article will tell you all about the dos and don'ts of a wedding planner contract...
Sheetal Mandora
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First things first - don't, for whatever reason, get too excited about being approached by a bride-to-be and begin working for her before the contract has been signed. Bottom line, if there is no contract signed, there is no client to work for, and there is no deal. Without having a signed contract, you will only be working for the client for free and you definitely don't want that. In order to be a successful wedding planner, your contract has to speak for itself. This doesn't mean that you will charge your clients an incredulous amount for a not-that-impressive job. What this means is that with a proper contract, you are not only keeping yourself safe but are also fulfilling your clients' wishes. A wedding is one of the most beautiful, magical, and unforgettable moments in a bride's life and you want to make sure that it happens according to her wishes. And for which, your contract has to have the necessary information that will aid you in doing so.

Keeping this in mind, let me ask you something. What do you think, as a wedding planner, should you include in your contract? What are some of the most important pieces of information you require to be added into the contract? Remember, this contract should be the base for all the different types of clients you will get as you progress ahead into your career. Which is why, you have to be absolutely sure as to what has to be added and kept out from the contract. So... any guesses now? Let us help you with that. We have put this article together to provide you with a workable wedding planner contract.

Sample Contract

What does a wedding planner contract look like? Well, in reality, the contract can look however you want it to look. The only difference is, there are certain essential pieces information that can't be left out. From all the basic information required to be filled in the contract, let's just say that the name of the bride and groom should be included. Alright, jokes aside; what I am trying to say is that you should be aware as to what information you need to add in your contract. Let's go over them one by one.

Cover Letter
The first page of your contract, well actually not the real part of your contract, but an inclusion will be the cover letter. Out of all the wedding planners in the city and elsewhere, the soon-to-be-married couple chose you; that says something. Which is why, you need to have a cover letter ready for the same. You have the cover letter ready and the only time you will have to make the changes is when you write the bride and groom's names. So make sure that the cover letter can be edited whenever you want and do so at your own convenience.

The Actual Contract
Now this page in fact is the first page of your contract. In the beginning of this article, I had asked you if you knew what sort of information do you need to include in the contract, apart from the bride and groom's names, remember? To answer that question, the following wedding planner contract template can be of some help. Take a look.

Your Company's Name and Letterhead

In this section, you will mention that the following contract should be read thoroughly by the client and signed in the bottom once finished. The information provided in the contract will be the final word, upon signature from the client. Along with the signed contract, the deposit amount should be returned to you.

Wedding Date - __________ Wedding Time - __________
Location - __________ Bride's Name - ______________________________
Groom's Name - _____________________________

Client Contact Information

Description of Services
In this section, you include the information relating to what is expected from you as a wedding planner. The arrangements with the flowers and other decorations, rentals, music and entertainment requirements, transportation, catering, lodging, photography, videography, formal wear, wedding ceremony, wedding officiate, reception coordination, and other duties are specified by the client. If there are any other, special requirements from the client, you may edit this section.

Compensation for Services
Here, you will include the clause as to what is the initial non-refundable payment to you by the client. Including this payment, you can also add another non-refundable payment like floral decoration. Apart from these payments, you should also mention in the contract that as the months go by, the client will receive monthly bills which they are expected to clear. The final payment will be due __________ and the payment should be discussed prior.

The payments can be made via cash, certified check, or any other mode preferred by you.

'Act of God' Clause
Don't forget to mention the 'Act of God' clause as it protects you and your services. There can be any natural calamity, however unforeseen, and this should be kept in the contract so that the client won't back out from making any payments.

Terms and Conditions
The legal issues and liabilities also requires a mention in your contract. You can meet with a local lawyer to understand what these terms and conditions should be.

Cancellation Policy
Many times, clients can have a change of heart and completely change or cancel certain things from their ceremony. As a wedding planner, you need to be sure that you are not the one incurring any expenses due to this. Which is why, your cancellation policy should be clear to the client.

Groom ______________________________ Date __________
Bride ______________________________ Date __________

Party Responsible for Payment __________ Date __________

This sample contract can be used just the way presented in this article, or if you'd like, you can make the necessary changes in them as per your requirements.