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Trendy Alternatives for Garter and Bouquet Toss

Trendy Alternatives for Garter and Bouquet Toss
It is the most special day of your life, and you should spend it the way you want. So, if you are one of those who don't like those old traditions, then it's time to opt for some alternatives. Yup, if you don't wanna have a garter and bouquet toss, then choose one of these.
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Alternatives For All!
Garter toss and bouquet toss traditions have always been applicable to heterosexual couples, but even same-sex couples can include some of the alternatives mentioned here.
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Garter toss is probably the oldest and bouquet toss, one of the most popular wedding traditions. But, newer couples aren't really keen on having these traditions at their wedding. Reasons for this are many: the traditions becoming very common, brides not really being comfortable with the garter toss, or the fact that there are not enough single friends.
Whatever be your reason, we are not complaining. It's because brides and grooms are coming up with exciting and fun-filled activities instead of these traditions. Let's look at some alternatives for garter and bouquet toss in the upcoming sections of this Wedessence article.
#1 The Anniversary Dance
This is the cutest alternative to bouquet and garter toss. All you gotta do is ask all the married couples to dance. After every song the DJ will ask the couples to leave the floor according to how long they have been married. For example, "couple married for a day leave the floor." That will be the cue for the bride and the groom. Then couples married for a year, two years, and so on. Finally, only one couple will remain, and they will get the bouquet. You can even ask them to share some secrets of their long-lasting marriage.
#2 Flower Ceremony
Women in a bride's life have a different place in her heart and her life. So why not tell them how much they mean to you on your special day. A flower ceremony will be the sweetest gesture. Give a small bouquet or a flower to your mother, grandmother, aunt, friend, mother-in-law, sister, or any other women who have shaped your life. Honor all the women in your life.
#3 Dance Away
The best way to celebrate, and that too by including all your friends is by dancing! So, just invite everyone on the dance floor and rock it in style. To add in some competitive cheer, you can announce that the best dancer will get the bouquet.
#4 Breakaway Bouquet
If you want to make all your single friends feel special, which you should, then shower them with flowers. Yup, instead of having a single bouquet, have multiple bouquets bound together by a lace; remove the lace when throwing. Thus, all your girlfriends will get some flowers, and nobody will feel left out.
#5 Throwing the Little Black Book
Tossing the little black book symbolizes the end of your single life. You need not have phone numbers of your exes, rather have numbers of all your single friends in it. You can throw two black books. One for the guys, with numbers of your single female friends and one for the gals with numbers of single male friends. Ensure that your friends are comfortable with this idea.
#6 Throw Toys
Throwing a cute bride teddy bear and a groom teddy bear will ensure that even the kids present at your wedding get a chance to take part in the ceremony. You can toss small soft toys for all the children and even the enthusiastic adults.
#7 Toss Cash
What better way to cheer the guests at your wedding, than throwing some cash! You can also have a small hamper, gift vouchers, or even lottery tickets.
#8 Honor Memories
All of us have got at least someone in life, whom we have lost. Well, on the most important day of your life you can honor their memories. Just keeping some photographs or notes on a table is a good idea. Place your bouquet on that table after the wedding ceremony.
#9 Just Toss it away
Is the very thought of your husband removing your garter in front of so many guests giving you the creeps? Well, if you still want to follow the tradition, then remove the garter privately, and then toss it away. Killing two birds with one stone, that too in style.
#10 Quiz it Up
To add a novel dimension to this tradition, and to ensure that men don't start attacking you for the garter, you can have a simple quiz about the couple. The man who answers the most right questions, will get the garter. Questions can be totally silly, but fun, like " Where did the couple first meet?", "Who asked out first?," and so on.
So what do you prefer, following the traditions or the new alternatives? Did you try something innovative at your wedding? Do share your stories with us.