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Wedding Checklist and Timeline

Wedding Checklist and Timeline

As every bride-to-be wishes to have a perfect wedding, a wedding checklist and timeline aids as a guide. The wedding checklist planner provided in the article is organized from 9 to 12 months before the actual wedding till couple of days after.
Sheetal Mandora
Once your guy has proposed and you two have decided to direct your lives towards marriage, there are tons of things that need to be taken care of before your "happily after". Even though a wedding is looked upon as romantic and unforgettable, there are a million things to do before the big day arrives. What you require is a checklist that will be your friend every step of the way. A well-balanced, time-saving, and precise checklist is a must for every bride-to-be. It not only gives you peace of mind during the months of planning and organizing your wedding, but also helps you not get jittery during the process. A ready-to-use wedding planner (not person, but checklist) can be used to delegate and reduce the arrangements that need to be taken care of before the wedding. So, whether you're preparing a checklist for a traditional or a destination wedding, you can modify the following wedding checklist and timeline according to your taste.

12 Months' Timeline

Planning a wedding is sometimes an overwhelming experience, with all the "To-do" list of things jumbled up. Here's a wedding planning timeline checklist, that can pretty much suit all types of weddings. Just place a check mark as you go through the timeline with ease. Soon, you shall be nearing toward the big day and all your essential tasks will be well on their way.

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Wedding Checklist Planner
9-12 Months Before The Wedding
Announce your engagement, officially, to family and friends 
Calculate the overall wedding budget to decide who pays for what 
After consulting with registry office, set the wedding date 
Officially, introduce both the families 
Send a picture of both of you to the local paper, announcing your engagement 
Decide what type of wedding would you like? Formal, semi-formal, or informal 
Book your ceremony, rehearsal, and reception sites 
Would you like to go for premarital counseling 
If you wish and can afford, hire a wedding coordinator 
Make or modify this wedding checklist planner 
Begin working on the first draft of your guest list 
6-9 Months Before The Wedding
Announce your wedding date, officially to family and friends 
Shopping! Wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, etc. 
Select bridesmaids dresses 
Finalize the flower decoration and bouquets 
Hire a caterer, wedding photographer, and DJ/band 
Choose an officiant and discuss your entire ceremony process 
Choose where you would like to register for gifts 
For out-of-town guests, if any, you will have to reserve hotel rooms 
Organize an intimate engagement party, if you wish 
Decide and book your dream honeymoon destination 
4-6 Months Before The Wedding
With your fiancé/maid-of-honor, select and order wedding invitations 
Visit different bakeries and choose your wedding cake 
With the catering service you hired, discuss the optimal menu ideas 
Finalize the rental items like china, crystal, flatware, arches, candelabras, etc. 
With your fiancé, finalize and purchase your wedding rings 
Decide on the groom's tux and attire of the groomsmen as well 
Check if bridesmaids have ordered the gowns and select the accessories 
Search for appropriate wedding favors 
Check calendar dates to confirm bridal shower and bachelorette party 
Before you send bridal shower invitations, register for gifts 
Look in magazines and talk to stylists on ideas for wedding hair and makeup 
Give your maid-of-honor/shower hostesses your guest list 
Decide with your fiancé whether you want wedding insurance 
2-4 Months Before The Wedding
Sit with your fiancé to finalize the guest list and send out invitations 
Choose a restaurant for the rehearsal dinner and finalize the dinner menu 
With your fiancé, select wedding music for the entire ceremony and reception 
Book your hairstylist and makeup artist, hopefully from the same place 
Check if the tuxes for the groom's side are ordered 
For yourself and out-of-town guests, organize wedding transportation 
Order your selected wedding favors according to guests attending 
Decide on gifts for each other, shower hostess, both your parents 
Finalize and purchase the bridal party gifts 
Regularly, check your wedding registry for enough options left for guests 
If you wish, open joint bank accounts and insurances 
Plan and purchase clothes, items for your honeymoon 
8 weeks before the wedding date, send the invitations 
1-2 Months Before The Wedding
Schedule your first bridal gown fitting
Schedule the final fitting as well for the formal bridal portrait
If you wish, finalize on ceremony readings and poems
Design your entire wedding programs
Finalize the ceremony procedure with the officiant
Arrange a "Bridesmaid luncheon" and other pre-wedding parties for your guests
Write your vows; remind the groom to do so as well
Set the appointment with wedding photographer for formal bridal portrait
Look up for blood test and marriage license requirements in your state
Discuss and finalize details with the wedding coordinator
3-4 Weeks Before The Wedding
Get the marriage license (no earlier than 30 days before the wedding)
Arrange for your name change
Send out rehearsal dinner invitations to the guests
Schedule an appointment with your stylist and discuss your hair, makeup, and overall look
Confirm hotel rooms for your out-of-town guests
1-2 Weeks Before The Wedding
Personally call guests who haven't responded to the invitations
Make the payments to all wedding services
Schedule your final wedding gown fitting
Pick up wedding dress and make sure all accessories are together
Reconfirm all wedding plans; ceremony, reception site, florist, photographer, DJ, baker, honeymoon
Give caterer and reception site the final head count
Provide wedding party and out-of-town guests with itinerary and maps
Prepare "wedding emergency kit" with needle, thread, safety pins, tape, mirror, etc.
Give someone at home numbers of the honeymoon locations, credit card numbers etc.
Prepare place cards
Prepare wedding favors for transportation
Prepare "wedding box" for ceremony accessories
Prepare "reception box" for reception accessories
Finalize the seating chart for reception
Confirm all rental and floral delivery dates and times
Confirm arrival times for all wedding party
Pack for wedding night and honeymoon
Day Before The Wedding
Go through the timeline to see if you haven't left anything out
Choose who is responsible for various wedding payments; make envelopes
Make and hand out assignment lists to ensure everyone knows their tasks
Hand out the ceremony, reception, and favor boxes to appropriate individuals
Give rings to the best man
Arrange your wedding dress and all accessories during the day
Get a manicure, pedicure, and a massage therapy
Rehearse the ceremony with officiant and your wedding party
Ask your fiancé to check flight arrangements for the honeymoon
Have the phone numbers of all wedding vendors ready
Go to bed early; you need a good night's sleep
The Wedding Day
Relax and have a healthy breakfast; drink plenty of fluids
Take a relaxing lavender bath
Wear a button-down shirt while your hairdresser and makeup artists work on you
Remember to take your wedding license along
After The Wedding
Clean and preserve your wedding gown
Preserve your bouquet
Write and send out thank you notes for all wedding gifts
Complete the "name change" process
Follow the completion program with the bridal registry store
Meet the photographer to finalize wedding albums and video Printables

That was your complete, no errors, perfect timeline and checklist. As this is a printable checklist timeline, you can keep with you as the day of the wedding gets closer. You can add notes and rearrange some of the timings for any of the items in the timeline and list. One more point you can add on your checklist from us ~ Cherish each and every moment of this special day in both your lives.