Wedding Kissing Game Ideas

Bored of mundane wedding kissing routine? Then read this article, as it provides you with some immensely interesting ideas on wedding kissing games that you can use on your own wedding or at your friends' and loved ones.
Gone are the days when only clinking glasses would force couples to kiss. Today guests and couples are becoming more adventurous and playful and so is kissing at the weddings or wedding receptions. There are many innovative ideas for wedding kissing games that make kissing fun, not only for the couples but also for the guests. Traditionally, the guests used to request the couple to kiss and the couple would obey. But today, guests have to participate in wedding kissing games to be eligible to request couples to kiss. So, it is not all that easy for the guests now. This article tells you about some of the best wedding kissing game ideas that can make a wedding kiss a memorable one, take a look.
Making Couples Laugh: This is a game where guests have to use their brains along with a sense of humor. This game is very simple. A person who wants to request a couple to kiss, has to first share a joke with all the other guests and the couple. And if the couple laughs on it then only they would kiss otherwise not. Here, guests have to come up with hilarious jokes or tales to make the couple laugh, on the other hand, couples have to make it harder for guests by controlling their laughter.
Donations to Charity: Why not earn some money for kissing on your wedding day and then donate it to a charity? This is not actually a game but you can use this idea to make a charity to an NGO on your wedding day. All you have to do is ask the requesting guest to first donate to a charity in order to see you kissing. There is another way to do it. You can select a charity first and then ask the guests to make donations if they want to see you kissing. It allows you to collect a big amount for kissing only once for the crowd.
Question and Answers: This is again one of the best wedding kissing games that ensures the participation from all the guests. First, a couple has to write down certain questions on chits about themselves as a couple or as an individual and place one question on each table. The questions could be, when did the couple got engaged, where they are going for honeymoon, what are their favorite hang out places, etc. Now, every person on that particular table will try to answer the question collectively. If the answer is right, the couple will kiss otherwise not. The game continues to the next table then. To make this game more interesting, a couple can ask the guests to do something if they gave a wrong answer. The punishment for wrong answer could be performing a chicken dance or sharing a joke, etc.
Make the Guests Kiss: Now this is a boomerang! This is one of the funniest wedding kissing games one could ever play. This game is more like the previous one, but in this there is only one punishment for the wrong answer and that is kissing the partner. Yes, if the guest gives a wrong answer he or she has to kiss his or her spouse under the wedding kissing ball in front of everyone. If there are many people on the same table and they all collectively gave a wrong answer then people from that table would decide who amongst them will kiss. It is funny to see every person or every couple asking the other one to kiss. And for a couple who is getting married it is even funnier to watch other people kissing at their wedding.
Guess the Movie: In this game, every table would be provided with different dialogs from different movies. After reading the dialog, the table has to guess the name of the movie and the couple will kiss only if the name of the movie is right. Similarly, the guests can also be provided with instructions written on a piece of paper. And the guests have to perform an activity or follow the instructions given on the piece of paper in order to get the couple to kiss.
Apart from these, making the guests sing a song or present a request in a musical manner can also serve as good wedding kissing game idea. These ideas are sure to transform the wedding into a fun-filled and enjoyable event which every guest and the couple will cherish for the rest of their lives.