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Wedding Program Templates

Wedding Program Templates
A wedding is a time for celebration. This article shares some design ideas on various program templates, making it easy for you to choose the most appropriate card for the wedding.
Geeta Dhavale
To celebrate this auspicious ceremony in the presence of your loved ones, you have to provide them with brief, yet comprehensive wedding program cards. Today, many people go for unique and custom-made cards. A decorative program card, no doubt, adds to the charm of an entire event. Generally, wedding program cards are part of a wedding invitation card, but sometimes, they are also distributed separately at the venue, to give guests an idea about what's to come. It is like a timetable that describes the course of actions that will take place during the wedding.

How to Choose the Templates

When it comes to choosing the right wedding program template, we generally get confused, as each one of them seem to be better than the other. There are many websites that would provide free wedding program samples but the following points must be taken into consideration before choosing one.

Language and Font
If it is a wedding, use formal wording with a cursive font. But, if it's an informal family affair, then you can use fun fonts in a warm, informal tone.

Color Scheme
The color scheme of the card also has to be in sync with the wedding theme. For example, if it's a beach wedding, you must go for a card that includes a combination of turquoise blue, aqua blue, and white to set the right mood.

The overall design of the card also has to match the wedding theme. For example, if the theme is hippie-centric, then the design should signify the same. Conflicting designs will confuse invitees.

Paper Type
The right kind of paper can enhance the look of your program card to a great extent. You can go for glossy or matte-finish paper as per your design and budget.

Popular Program Templates

These days, with changing wedding traditions, people include a lot of other things in Catholic wedding program cards such as the name of the couple, date and time of the wedding, and a detailed address of the venue. The main part of the program card describes the order of the ceremonies and events that will take place during the wedding. The card also includes lyrics of the processional hymns, name of the choir members and organizers, along with a 'thank you' note for the guests. You must consider all these things before selecting any template. Given below is one of the standard wedding program sample that you can design and personalize as per the requirement of the wedding.

A Quote or Greeting: A marriage-related or auspicious quote is a good way to begin. You may experiment with various wedding program wording ideas that suit the theme.

Name of the Bride and the Groom:


Date and Time:

Wedding Program:

Wedding Songs:

Name of Choir Members:

Name of the Officiant:

Thank You Note

This was a general idea of a wedding program template. Given below is a free wedding program sample that you can refer to, to get a fair idea about such a template.

                                                  The Wedding Of
John Smith & Julia Fernando
On Sunday, November 22, 2010
2:00 PM
Saint Paul's Church
K Street, California
Prelude (6.00 PM - 6.30 PM)

Wedding Song
Lighting of Candles
Seating of Parents

Processional (6.30 PM - 6.45 PM)

Wedding Processional

Invocation (6.45 PM - 7.00 PM)

Wedding Song
Pastoral Charge

Wedding Vows (7.00 PM - 7.30 PM)

Exchange of Rings
Announcement of Marriage
Wedding Hymns
Presentation of Bride and Groom

Recessional (7.45 PM)

Father of the Bride Robert Fernando
Mother of the Bride Christina Fernando


Father of the Groom David Smith
Mother of the Groom Martha Smith

OFFICIANT Father Charles Williams


Matron of Honor Rosalia Burnett

Bridesmaids Kate Presley

Best Man
Robinson Pinto

Ron Peterson

Flower Girl
Kimberly Steward

Ring Bearer
Jacob Martin

Candle Lighting
Christina Fernando

You may change the order of the contents in your program template if you wish to do so. Many people first mention the venue, followed by the date and time, and then write the names of the bride and the groom. It depends on your choice how much content you want to fit into the card. You may have many pages or fewer as per the content.