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Wedding Thank You Note Wording

Wedding Thank You Note Wording

Looking for some good wedding thank you note wordings to say thanks to those who made your day all the more special merely by their presence? Read this article and get all the guidance you need.
Shalu Bhatti
Many, many thanks to you!
You brought real delight
And helped make my day
More happy and more bright! ~ Author Unknown

A wedding is a big decision, and a greater step towards starting a new life and a new family! A wedding thank you note plays a very important role in expressing your gratitude and thankfulness towards the people who were kind enough to be a part of your happiness, and who made the moment all the more special by their presence... after all, the entire occasion wouldn't be the same without them, would it? Just sending them a personal note of thanks would really make them feel special and important. So, how many thank you notes should you send? 100 or 200? Well, your guests came in your wedding and brought thoughtful gifts, didn't that make you feel all the more special and loved? Similarly, sending them a thoughtful wedding thank you note will make them realize that yes, they are important to you too as well!

Wordings for a Wedding Thank You Note

You must include words and phrases that can help to give it a more personalized touch. Mentioned below are some tips on how to write an ideal wedding thank you note!
  • Try to personalize the note. This would give the receiver a special feeling. Address them with their names and don't just write, 'dear guest'!
  • Always send a wedding thank you note to the guests within a month after wedding. The earlier, the better!
  • It isn't possible to send a thank you note to all the guests who came, but make sure you say express your thankfulness to those who went out of their way to attend your wedding!
  • You can also include some wedding thank you sayings and poems in your note.
  • If you have received certain wedding gifts that were a delight to receive, do not forget to mention your gratitude and how are you planning to make use of them!
Wedding Thank You Cards: Sample

Each and every guest who attended your wedding is special in some way or the other and it is important to show your gratitude to each and every one of them, in some special way! Mentioned below are the different kinds of samples that can help you get an idea of how to write a wedding thank you note. Have a look...

Wedding Thank You Note to a Group

Many a time, it is not possible to send personal thank you notes to each and everyone! A thank you note addressing a group works fine in this case. Be it friends or colleagues, you can see the sample mentioned below to have a look at how a wedding thank you note can be addressed for a group.

Dear Co-Workers,

Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift that you got for our wedding! Those set of crystal glasses were something that we wanted for a long time! More than that, we appreciate and thank you all for taking out the time to be a part of our happiness.

Thank you again!

Kind regards,
(Your and your spouse's name)

Individual Wedding Thank You Notes

Below is a sample given for the appropriate wordings to be used. By looking at this sample, you can get an idea of how you can address your special guests individually, and return their kindness for being a part of your wedding.

Dear Nick and Daph,

A million thanks are less for giving us the tickets to our honeymoon! Hawaii is our favorite holiday destination! You knew that, and it was so kind and thoughtful of you to get us those tickets! More than that, we appreciate your friendship and your kindness to double our happiness and make the moment twice as special with your presence!

Thank you once again!

Kind regards,
(Your and your spouse's name)

Wedding Thank You for Money

Wedding is a huge function which involves handling a lot of expenses. Therefore, most of the people prefer receiving money as gifts because it can be used towards the wedding expenses! Below is a sample which can be used to send a thank you note for people who have been thoughtful enough to present you with money.

Dear Aunt Wanda,

Thank you for your generous and thoughtful wedding gift. We both were saving for a new coffee machine and your gift has really helped us purchase it sooner than we expected! We would love you to come and visit us sometime. We can sit and have some hot sips of coffee from our new coffee machine! Looking forward to meet you soon.

Kind regards,
(Your and your spouse's name)

You definitely need appropriate wordings in order to express your gratitude towards those who were an important part and reason to make your moment special. So, stop wasting any further time, grab your stationery, get a hot cup of coffee; or a glass of wine, and start writing!