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Wedding on a Budget of $5000

Weddings are an expensive affair, and not everyone can afford that. So, here are a few tips for planning a wedding on a budget of $5,000.
Wedessence Staff
A wedding on a budget will save you a lot of money for your honeymoon, and the best way to do that would be to bear in mind that you are not supposed to spend a penny over $5,000. Period. Now, even if I cannot see you from here, I know you are biting your nails, wondering, how on earth would weddings take place in $5,000! Has anyone ever successfully planned a wedding on such a budget? Yes. For the first part, they did not develop cold feet just like that. And secondly, they made a spreadsheet of all the things they needed, all within the budget of $5,000.
Planning Wedding on a Budget of 5000 Dollars
You had dreams of how your wedding should be. Well, everyone has. But let me tell you a back-breaking fact; you would not be able to savor even a single moment of your wedding if you know you spent every single penny of your salary on a two-hour ceremony, would you? But then, who said you need to compromise? You just need to prioritize your expenditures, if tight budget wedding is what worries you. Following is your wedding planning guide, broken down.
Venue: Where Do I Get Married?
A $5,000 wedding budget requires breakdown of those essentials without which the ceremony is impossible. Choosing an exotic wedding venue, for the most part, gets many goose bumps! Well, not anymore. I think, here you need to bring some of your gray cells into action. Why not think out of the box? People have gotten married in luxurious hotels, large-scale marriage gardens, cruises, etc. You, my dear friend, could get married at your home itself. If you are lucky enough to have a large backyard or a garden, pick it up as your wedding venue. If not your home, you could get married at yours and your fiancé's favorite restaurant. Also, you could opt for a wedding reception in a smaller town nearby, as it will be cheaper for you. However, if you still stand pat about getting married conventionally, perhaps, renting a farmhouse would make up for a perfect wedding idea, don't you think? If not a farmhouse, then you could rent a marriage garden falling right within your budget. Beaches and hotels are often a pretty penny, and usually exceed wedding budget, no matter how much you have set.
Decorations: How Should I Get Married?
Well, this one is a bit tricky. I will not say you need to compromise with the lavish decorations you dreamt of, but yes, a bit of sagacity can do wonders here. Firstly, order everything on wholesale prices. This will be extremely cheap for you. Do some paperwork, like, finalizing a wedding florist contract so that the wedding decoration issue is solved for the most part. I recently watched a movie about two wedding planners, who believed that, no matter how lavish the decorations be, what allures the guests more than anything is the wedding food! How true! Spend less on decorations, and more on amusing people's tummies. Now this is a perfect cheap wedding decoration idea, is it not? What is more, if you or any of your friends are a good cook, why not get them to cook a special delicacy for the wedding reception? Lastly, invite only those guests who are actually worth inviting. Do not go out inviting anyone and everyone, as it would do nothing but increase your expenses.
Wedding Dress: How Do I Look My Best?
Did you know that innovation could be the key to get the wedding budget slump down to a great extent? How about creating your own wedding dress? If you are getting married when the fashion season is at its apex, it is advisable to hunt for bridal gowns online. eBay has wonderful options in terms of beautiful wedding gowns, and accessories. Awaken that shopping virtuoso in you. Come on, you know where all the discounts and sales happen, don't you? However, if you still cannot convince the princess in you to settle for cheap wedding dresses, why not rent a wedding gown, instead? This would not only save you a lot of money, but would make you look your best. After all, who would ever want to confirm with you at your wedding whether the gown you are wearing is yours or rented! Simple as that. Also, you could dress up at home, seeking help from a friend who is a pro in makeup and styling. This would not cost you even a single buck.
Well, the terrifying-trio met its perfect solution. However, there are a few tips you could consider, that would contribute a lot to efficiently planning a wedding on a budget so low.
  • Instead of getting them printed, you could make your own wedding invitation cards, in your own creative ways.
  • Do not spend unnecessary money on hiring a musical band or artist. Instead, create a CD of your favorite music, and play it throughout the evening. People are going to love it.
  • Think of cheap wedding favors, instead of buying a centerpiece for every single guest. You could give candles made at home as a return gift.
  • Create your own bride and bridesmaids' flower bouquets. Use your favorite wedding flowers while walking down the aisle, and then use the same as a centerpiece.
  • No wedding is complete without wedding photography. However, professional photographers charge a lot. In this case, you could opt for up and coming photographers who will not charge much, and could employ their creative minds in their own ways.
Whoever said you could not plan a $5,000 wedding, probably, never attended one. You need not have a limousine to escort you, a renowned hotel to set the stage in, or even a six-course five-star meal for your wedding. But all the money that you save now will come in handy at the time of your honeymoon. Take as many suggestions as you can for planning a wedding on a small budget, seek help from as many friends as you can, and the guests would not crib about the lighting, as the smile you don on the big day overshadows the luminous flux of every chandelier. All for a wedding budget under $5000!