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Wedding Reception Schedule

Wedding Reception Schedule

Wedding receptions are the time to bid goodbyes and embark on the journey of new life. It has to be scheduled with an exact outline to make it perfect.
Mukta Gaikwad
Congratulations for planning the most brilliant day of your life with finesse and elegance. Now it's time to say thanks to the guests, have a party, and be a little laid back to enjoy the end of a beautiful day. For this you need to have a perfect schedule, which means another exhibition your par belief time management skill. You need to know how many people are invited, who are these people, what is the menu, which band will be playing, and most importantly where is the event organized. Let's begin with making a list of events and items that you will need to make your wedding receptions look like a fairytale.

Sequence of Time
Optimize your time and write down a schedule for wedding reception which you would want to follow for your wedding reception. Here's a rough schedule, which may work for you.
  • 4:00-5:00 pm - Cocktail Hour. During this time let your guests enjoy a nice round of cocktail.
  • 5:00-5:30 pm - Have a photograph session. The dusk will cast a beautiful light for excellent photographs to be cherished for a lifetime.
  • 5:30-6:00 pm - Let the couple mingle with the guests and enjoy a couple of drinks.
  • 6:00-7:00 pm - Let the guests raise a toast for the newly weds, beginning with the Best Man and followed by the Maid of Honor.
  • 7:00-8:30 pm - Relax and have fun with family and guests. Hit the dance floor and relish the dinner.
  • 8:30 pm - The band will play the last song for the newly weds as they leave the reception hall.
  • 8:30-9:00 pm - Change and get ready to leave.
  • 9:00 pm - Bid adieu to family, friends, relatives and guests as you embark on a new life full of love, laughter and adventures.
Make Things Easy
Make the plan for your wedding reception easy with a spreadsheet or a planner. Since it is difficult to remember all the things, write them down. Make separate columns for each item such as band, caterers, florist etc. It's no rocket science to plan a wedding, but surely takes common sense to plan it right.

Sequence of Events
Cocktail Hour must have enough drinks for all your guests. See to it that the appetizers and snacks are ordered and made properly. Preferably, keep the cocktail room separate from the reception, so that decorations if any, are not damaged. For better execution, hire a wedding planner.

Photography time should be set aside. Having an additional time slot for photographs will allow the couple to have their first dance too.

Mingling with guests is very important for the couple as it makes them feel wanted and cared for. This special time slot will also give you a time for making some awesome memories to last a lifetime.

Raising a toast is the best part of wedding receptions. The Best Man goes first, who is followed by the Maid of Honor. Other persons offering a toast may be parents and close friends.

Dedicate songs before you leave the reception hall. Dance to the groovy love and a new beginning and enjoy the company of the special people who made this day so special for you. Have a sumptuous dinner to fill your famished stomach at the end of the day. As the DJ plays the last song, it's an intimation to move to the last and final phase.

Get ready to leave with the love of your life. Say all the goodbyes and thank everybody for being there. Your task of planning a wedding has finally come to a desired end!

Since, it's your wedding and you are the queen of your castle from this moment on, it would be quite the relief to have the wedding and the reception go smoothly, without a flaw or delay. Thus, plan every detail in advance with absolute attention to the requirements of the day.
Wedding reception dancing
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